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Improve the Calorie-to-Mass Ratio of Your Food for Weightloss

We are packing too many calories into too little mass as it relates to our food leaving us in s calorie surplus while still hungry....[leave a comment]

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New Coaching Question From Facebook

posted by Corey Buckner
on November 17, 2017

I got these great questions from Chris Hutchison, who is REPRESENTING Big Strong U in his profile pic, and I will be adding a video reply here shortly to these questions. Here is his original post from Facebook. "Multiple questions. Do you pay attention to how many calories you consume? A...[continue]

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Do You Get Tired of Eating Plants?

posted by bigrig
on November 16, 2017

Okay Brother, I have been giving it a good try. I have been mostly vegan for a week now minus two times when I was on the road and didn't have time to seek out non meat options. I'm real curious because I know you are mostly raw vegan, so do you ever get tired of just eating cold fruits and ...[continue]

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posted by Jamielynn26
on November 11, 2017

I can not stand the taste of beets and my dr. Told me that I needed to start eating them to build up iron. What vegetables can o prepare to mask the rest of one vegetable that I do not like?...[leave a comment]

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Why Am I Not Losing Weight On My Scale?

posted by Michael Edsin
on November 09, 2017

Hey, I have a question about losing weight. I can't understand why my clothes are looser and I am down a pants size in some clothes but I still weigh pretty much the same when I get on the scale? Am I missing something? I have been about 295 pounds and I am still about 295, and sometimes...[continue]

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posted by Hunter35
on November 05, 2017

What were the major lifestyle changes you had to do in order to drop that weight and how long did It take to you to drop it ...what were the hardest challenges...[leave a comment]

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