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on November 17, 2017

I got these great questions from Chris Hutchison, who is REPRESENTING Big Strong U in his profile pic, and I will be adding a video reply here shortly to these questions. Here is his original post from Facebook.

"Multiple questions. Do you pay attention to how many calories you consume? And how often do you eat?
Do you eat a diet specifically for weight lose, fat loss, muscle gain?"


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Corey Buckner
November 21, 2017

Thanks So Swole Jones. Ive never really focused on eating anything in particular for muscle growth. 22 years meat free & more than a year vegan and no protein shakes or anything. Veggies have a lot of protein in them, just ask gorillas, lol
So Swole Jones
November 20, 2017

Great questions and great answeres Corey. Thank you. You really only eat one or two full meals a day? How do you get so big?